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I have learned much from my mistakes and failures as an artist. Through each I have found new possibilities that has shaped the way I look at things and the way I approach my art.
I love change. I love looking, searching and learning. World is so boundless in all that it can offer. There is much to learn. Love knowing of and being inspired by other people and cultures  and the amazing extent of human’s imagination and the will to create provides much inspiration. 

I despise conformity and having to work with restraints.  Restraints are a part of life, but the restraint on creativity are self-made and damages ones attempt at honesty.

Being an artist is difficult. When you present your art, you are exposed. You just showed the result of hours of being you.  Your intimate time spent on creating. In creating art for me, the process is what matters. The journey. It stays private. You start with a blank surface and you make something of it. 

I was born an artist. I was born with a will to create. There was no escaping that. I was also lucky. Lucky to be born into a family that promoted and encouraged art.    

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